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Half term holiday activities…

Half term holiday activities…

Hope you all have a lovely holiday. As well as your homework books there are some extra activities for you to do  if you have some free time.

Practice maths sats questions.



a e j o t x
about every jam off take  
after f jump old than y
again first just once that you
an from   one the your
another   k or their  
  g know our them days
b girl kite out there Monday
back good   over these Tuesday
ball got l   three Wednesday
be goes laugh p time Thursday
because   little people too Friday
bed h live push tree Saturday
been had love pull   Sunday
boy half   put u  
brother has m   under colours
but have made q us red
by help make queen upon blue
  her man quiet v green
c here many quite very yellow
call him may     pink
came his more r w purple
can’t home much ran want orange
could house must run water white
  how     way black
d   n s were brown
did i name school what grey
do I new seen when  
don’t if next should where  
dig ice night sister who  
door into not so will  
down it now some with