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Trip to Skipton Castle

Trip to Skipton Castle

On Friday 26th September Year 2 are visiting Skipton Castle. We will be leaving school at 8.45am and returning at 3pm. All children will need to wear a waterproof coat and sensible shoes. Each child will be provided with a school packed lunch.

Please can you bring the reply slip back as soon as possible and the contribution of £5 before Friday 26th September. If you have any questions please ask your year 2 teacher who will be willing to help.

Thank you.






Can you read and spell these words?

Can you read and spell these words?
about can’t her many over then who
after could here may people there will
again did him more push these with
an do his much pull three would
another don’t home must put time your
as dig house name ran too  
back door how new saw took
ball down if next school tree
be first jump night seen two
because from just not should us
bed girl last now sister very
been good laugh off so want
boy got little old some water
brother had live(d) once take way
but half love one than were
by has made or that what
call(ed) have make our their when
came help man out them where