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Special Science Newsletter

Special Science Newsletter

Afternoon everyone,

Here is our extra special edition of the newsletter to celebrate our ‘We Love Science Books’ event. We hope you have enjoyed the last few days in school, taking part in science investigations and dressing up in science-themed outfits!

We have also made a fun science wordsearch, which has a list of lots of different science-based jobs that you could do when you are older.

Have a lovely half-term,

From Miss ‘astronaut’ Phimister

We love Science books – Friday

We love Science books – Friday

Today we have been exploring space… We have been learning about the planets including the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. We drew pictures of the planets and made them into necklaces.



We found out that the moon looks bigger and smaller in the sky because sometimes part of the moon is hidden by a shadow. The Sun is the biggest planet but it looks small in the sky because it is so very far away!

We Love Science Books

We Love Science Books

Thursday and Friday this week are exciting days at Bowling Park Primary School

In our assembly we had an alien visitor who helped to get us all fired up about the event.

In Year 2 our book is called The Great Moon Confusion


In the book the animals don’t know why the moon is changing shape. In the end the bears give them a nice surprise.

We have been thinking about the moon and space in our lessons and made a rocket out of 3D shapes. Tomorrow we are doing some science experiments and maybe eating Jaffa Cakes!

What are you dressing up as tomorrow? Don’t forget it should be Science themed. Maybe you could be a doctor, alien, skeleton, astronaut or even the moon!



After the half term holiday we will be visiting Eureka… I can’t wait!

Don’t forget to bring back your money and slips as soon as you can!



You might like to look at the Eureka website before we go to see some of the exciting things we will be doing. We are going to be looking around the whole museum but the All About Me area is most important for our topic.


3D Shapes

3D Shapes

Can you name these 3D shapes?

1 66965                                              2  cube1

3 cylinder-1-hi                              4lgs-3d-shape-cuboid

 5  Sphere-759328                              6 square based pyramid

A flattened 3D shape is called a net. We used nets to make our own 3D shapes. We stuck our shapes together to make a rocket!

You can play this 3D shape game to help you learn the names…

How does a knight keep his armour shiny?

How does a knight keep his armour shiny?

In our Science lessons this week we have been investigating different things we could use to make metal shiny. We couldn’t find any real armour, but we did have lots of dirty looking 2p coins. We put the coins into cola, vinegar & salt and water with washing up liquid and left them in for 5 minutes. When we took them out one was much more shiny than the others… can you remember which one it was?


We also read Zog by Julia Donaldson. You can watch it here on YouTube.




George, the Dragon and the Princess

George, the Dragon and the Princess

This week we have been reading a book called George, the Dragon and the Princess.


We started with a props bag. Inside was a pincess, dragon, mountain, folding chair, cheese, bread and a mouse.


We predicted what we thought would happen in the story. Then we picked out some WOW words from the text and when we found out what they mean. We started collecting them in a special bag to help with our writing in future. We pretended to be the dragon and wrote a letter to the princess to apologise for trying to eat her. I wonder if she will write back?

Do you know what these WOW words mean?