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How to brush your teeth

How to brush your teeth

On Tuesday we learnt how to brush our teeth. You need to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes to keep them healthy. DSCF5643 DSCF5644

First squeeze out the toothpaste onto your toothbrush. Then put the brush in your mouth and move it all around your teeth and gums.


DSCF5645  DSCF5647

Don’t forget to do every side of every tooth to keep them clean. Spit out the bubbles into a sink and rinse your mouth.

What are the bossy verbs in this blog post?

Following instructions

Following instructions

We have been learning about instructions this week.

We have been reading instructions and learning how to make a paper hat, wrap a present, draw a frog and brush our teeth. We looked at recipes and we made our own healthy pizza. Can you write a sentence for each picture to describe what we are doing?

Photo 05-11-2014 09 22 42Photo 05-11-2014 09 53 10   Photo 05-11-2014 10 07 08  Photo 05-11-2014 10 13 51 Photo 05-11-2014 10 51 20 Photo 05-11-2014 11 19 01 (1)

You might like to visit the I Can Cook website to find some healthy recipes you can make at home or play the games.

Can you think of any more bossy verbs?