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A Puzzle…

A Puzzle…

Next week we’re looking at a new book.

cover - Monkey Puzzle

This is what the blurb says

“I’ve lost my mum!”

“Hush, little monkey, don’t you cry,

I’ll help you find her,” said Butterfly.

But somehow Butterfly keeps getting it wrong. Will Monkey ever find his mum?


Challenge: Have you ever read this book? What do you think will happen?

SID and the Smart Crew

SID and the Smart Crew

Hello everybody,

What a fantastic ‘Safer Internet Day’ assembly this morning. We were impressed by how much you already know about how to stay safe online but it is important that you remember to apply this all of the time.

We are really pleased with the work you have already done and look forward to seeing the final SID displays around your classrooms.

Smart Crew