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Easter Holiday Maths Challenge!

Easter Holiday Maths Challenge!

If you are looking at the blog in your Easter Holidays, why not try these Maths Challenges! You could write your answers on paper and bring them to school, or write a comment here on the blog.


What is the missing number in these sequences?


6,9,__,15,__, 21

50,__,30,20,10, __


Can you do these word problems?

Miss Garvey had 4 easter eggs, Mrs Williamson gave her 10 more. How many easter eggs does Miss Garvey have now?

Miss Patten has 22 easter eggs, she eats 9 of them. How many has she got left?

Mrs Lawreniuk has got 6 easter chicks in her pocket. If 2 fly away, how many has she got left?

Happy Easter! 2SG entries

Happy Easter! 2SG entries

We have been making Easter Eggs at home. Later today the eggs will be judged. Who do you think will be the winner?



And the winner is…. Almas in 2SG! He says “Dave the egg is yellow, black and funny. I got an egg, then I got some paint and I painted him yellow. I got some googly eyes and stuck them on then I made the lines with black paint.  I am happy to win the egg competition.”

Here is his minion egg.


We saw an eclipse of the sun!

We saw an eclipse of the sun!

Even though it was cloudy and our pinhole projectors didn’t work, Harry took this picture using a special filter on his camera. The sky looks really dark because the filter blocks out most of the light.

20150320_093556_Richtone(HDR) (3)

Challenge: What did you see during the eclipse? 

When we went back inside we used chalk to make some pictures of the moon covering the sun.

image image image  image image image   image image

Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse

On Friday we will have a rare chance to see a solar eclipse. The moon will move over the sun and it will be quite dark at 9.30 in the morning.

The last time there was a solar eclipse was 1999. Mrs Williamson was only 16 years old! The next time it happens will be 2026, when most Year 2 children will be 17 years old!

This video shows what happened in 1999…

Click here to see why this is happening. This link shows some pictures of the last solar eclipse in 1999.


Click here to find out how to make an eclipse viewer.


Researching jungle animals

Researching jungle animals

Today we are using books and the internet to help us find out facts about animals. Mrs Lawreniuk showed us how to use google to find the information we need.

  1. First go to and type in tiger facts kids.
  2. Press search and have a look at the list of results that comes up.
  3. National Geographic and ducksters are good websites to use.
  4. Write the information on your sheet. You don’t have to copy every word, it is better to read and understand the sentence then write it in your own words.

Challenge: Leave a comment with a fact about your favourite animal. I wonder how many we can get!

World Book Day

World Book Day

Today we are celebrating World Book Day!  Lots of children have come to school in fancy dress. We started the day with an assembly. Each class was given a lovely box of new books, and we listened to the story of Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown. Some of our teachers were dressed up and the acted out parts of the story for us!

tiger goes wild

Challenge: What was your favourite part of World Book Day 2015?

Finding half

Finding half


This week we have started to look at fractions. We have looked at how to find half of a shape and moved onto half of a number.

Photo 05-03-2015 11 05 57 Photo 05-03-2015 11 06 16

Today we counted out the right number of cubes and then found half of the number by counting them into two piles.

You might like to try this fractions game. Remember to select 1/4 – 1/2 and then pick if you want 1 or two players.

Challenge: Can you find half of these numbers? 4, 10, 16, 36