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Digging in the garden

Digging in the garden

Children from 2CL visited the garden this morning. They had fun digging and collecting worms.

DSCF6841 DSCF6842

We planted some carrot seeds and watered them. We thought the carrot seeds would be orange, but when we looked inside the packet they were just brown. We planted some gladioli bulbs. They looked a bit like onions and Mrs Wiliamson told us not to eat them!


Also we saw some birds. We think they were robins.

Challenge: Have you been to the garden? What was your favourite thing to do?

Our garden

Our garden

Now it is spring, we have started growing things for our Year 2 garden. Last week we planted peas. We filled our pots with soil and put three holes in each pot. We put a pea seed in each hole. Look how much they have grown!


Pea seeds will grow taller than a Year 2 child, and our seeds will be planted in the garden when it gets a bit warmer.