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Maths in the Garden

Maths in the Garden

This week in maths we have been learning about capacity.  Do you remember what capacity means? It is the amount that something can hold.

Some children went to the garden with Mrs Williamson. We talked about how much water we could fit inside different bottles and which one had the largest capacity. We talked about bottles which were full, half full and empty.

While we were in the garden we found two ladybirds, one flew away, but we caught the other in a cup and took it to show Mrs Lawreniuk. Afterwards we set him free.

seven-spot ladybird

We also found a spider and Frankie was very brave, as he let it crawl across his hand. We were all too scared to touch it!


Challenge: Which bottle is full? Which is empty? Which bottle is half full?

 half full

Transition Day

Transition Day

On Wednesday this week we had our Transition day. We all went into assembly to find out who our new teacher was going to be. At New Cross Street 2SG will become 3BB with Miss Birch, 2CL will become 3JB with Mrs Beckett and at Usher Street 2TM will become 3TM with Mrs Marson. We spent the the morning in our new classrooms getting to know our new teachers and letting them get to know us.

Challenge: What was your favourite part of Transition day? What will you miss most about Year 2?