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Lost and Found

Lost and Found

This week we have been reading ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers.

lost and found

We have predicted what might happen in the story and then after reading the book, we have sequenced pictures. In our topic lesson we made some stick puppets and had a go at acting out the story. Later in the week we are going to retell the story in our own words.

You might like to watch these children from 2SG and 2CL telling the story with their puppets.


King Jack and the Dragon

King Jack and the Dragon

This week we have been looking at a new book. Today in our classes we read the story and made up some actions to hep us remember the words. Tomorrow we will be acting out the story and later in the week we will move onto planning and writing our own story, inspired by this book.

king jack


Challenge: What is King Jack scared of? Who comes to rescue him at the end?

Tell Me A Dragon

Tell Me A Dragon

In our first week we have been reading Tell Me A Dragon by Jackie Morris.

tell me a dragon

We have been thinking about all the different dragons and where they might live. We have been using adjectives to describe the different dragons.

Challenge: Which dragon is your favourite? Can you think of five adjectives to describe this dragon?

image sky dragon snow dragon fire dragon


World Book Day

World Book Day

Today we are celebrating World Book Day!  Lots of children have come to school in fancy dress. We started the day with an assembly. Each class was given a lovely box of new books, and we listened to the story of Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown. Some of our teachers were dressed up and the acted out parts of the story for us!

tiger goes wild

Challenge: What was your favourite part of World Book Day 2015?

A Puzzle…

A Puzzle…

Next week we’re looking at a new book.

cover - Monkey Puzzle

This is what the blurb says

“I’ve lost my mum!”

“Hush, little monkey, don’t you cry,

I’ll help you find her,” said Butterfly.

But somehow Butterfly keeps getting it wrong. Will Monkey ever find his mum?


Challenge: Have you ever read this book? What do you think will happen?