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Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

Well done Year 2, you have all worked so hard this term.  I hope you have a lovely Christmas holiday.

If you are bored in the Christmas holidays, why not have a go at these activities. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you enjoy these games.

Reindeer Orchestra

Odd and Even Games

Christmas Wordsearch

Noun Explorer Game



Word problems

Word problems

In Maths we have moved onto word problems. You need to use your reading and maths skills to answer these.

Read the question carefully! Write a number sentence and work out the answer.

  • There are 24 ducks in the castle moat, if 30 more ducks swims along, how many ducks are there altogether?
  • A baby dragon has 135 sharp teeth, he grows 24 more. How many teeth does he have altogether?
  • The King has 171 shiny crowns, the Queen gives him 25 more, how many does he have altogether?

Challenge: Can you write your own word problem? Can any anyone work out the answer?