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Mental Maths

Mental Maths

Every Friday we will be having a mental arithmetic lesson. This means we will be answering maths questions, but not using anything to help us. No tens and units, no hundred square, not even any counters… just your brain!

At first you might not get all the questions right, but it is important to practise every week and even at home to improve your mental maths skills. When we first started learning our times tables they are very tricky, but now I know lots of you can do your 2x,  5x , 10x  and even some children know their 3 times tables as well.

Here are some games that you can play to practise your skills.

Alien Addition

Hit the Button

Word problems

Word problems

In Maths we have moved onto word problems. You need to use your reading and maths skills to answer these.

Read the question carefully! Write a number sentence and work out the answer.

  • There are 24 ducks in the castle moat, if 30 more ducks swims along, how many ducks are there altogether?
  • A baby dragon has 135 sharp teeth, he grows 24 more. How many teeth does he have altogether?
  • The King has 171 shiny crowns, the Queen gives him 25 more, how many does he have altogether?

Challenge: Can you write your own word problem? Can any anyone work out the answer?

Maths in the Garden

Maths in the Garden

This week in maths we have been learning about capacity.  Do you remember what capacity means? It is the amount that something can hold.

Some children went to the garden with Mrs Williamson. We talked about how much water we could fit inside different bottles and which one had the largest capacity. We talked about bottles which were full, half full and empty.

While we were in the garden we found two ladybirds, one flew away, but we caught the other in a cup and took it to show Mrs Lawreniuk. Afterwards we set him free.

seven-spot ladybird

We also found a spider and Frankie was very brave, as he let it crawl across his hand. We were all too scared to touch it!


Challenge: Which bottle is full? Which is empty? Which bottle is half full?

 half full

What plants are growing around school?

What plants are growing around school?

This week we used our maths skills to record the number of different plants growing around school. We couldn’t count every single one so we threw down a hoop and counted a small sample.  We used a picture chart to help us identify the type of plant and created a tally chart of our results. In class we used our tally chart to draw a bar graph to show how many plants grew on the field.

Counting plants on the school field by Slidely Photo Gallery

Challenge: Have you spotted any of these plants growing near your house, or in the park? How many did you see?


Sharing and Grouping

Sharing and Grouping

This week in maths, we have been looking at division.

Here are a couple of pages that can help you to practise more at home.

Division by grouping  Choose an object from the no remainders box, and then read the word problem. Click Make a group at the bottom of the page, and then click on the ? in the number sentence to reveal the answer.

Division by sharing Again choose an object from the no remainders box, or choose moveable items. Read your word problem and click to share the objects. Click on the ? in the number sentence t reveal the answer.