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Transition Day

Transition Day

On Wednesday this week we had our Transition day. We all went into assembly to find out who our new teacher was going to be. At New Cross Street 2SG will become 3BB with Miss Birch, 2CL will become 3JB with Mrs Beckett and at Usher Street 2TM will become 3TM with Mrs Marson. We spent the the morning in our new classrooms getting to know our new teachers and letting them get to know us.

Challenge: What was your favourite part of Transition day? What will you miss most about Year 2?

Orchard Experience

Orchard Experience

This week we have all visited the local orchard.

Early in the week Amanda came to visit us in our classrooms. She talked about the trees we would see in the orchard and how they might change in different seasons.

Year 2 Visit to the Orchard by Slidely Photo Gallery

On our trip day we walked to the orchard with our teachers.  When we got there we hunted for minibeasts, made leaf rubbings and did pond dipping. We had some bug viewers and Julia showed us how to catch minibeasts in a net. We saw lots of different wild plants and flowers growing and talked about different habitats called a meadow and a hedge. We saw tiny baby apples on the fruit trees. They will be ready to pick and eat in the Autumn when you have all moved into Year 3.

Challenge: What can you remember about a meadow habitat?

Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse

On Friday we will have a rare chance to see a solar eclipse. The moon will move over the sun and it will be quite dark at 9.30 in the morning.

The last time there was a solar eclipse was 1999. Mrs Williamson was only 16 years old! The next time it happens will be 2026, when most Year 2 children will be 17 years old!

This video shows what happened in 1999…

Click here to see why this is happening. This link shows some pictures of the last solar eclipse in 1999.


Click here to find out how to make an eclipse viewer.


Following instructions

Following instructions

We have been learning about instructions this week.

We have been reading instructions and learning how to make a paper hat, wrap a present, draw a frog and brush our teeth. We looked at recipes and we made our own healthy pizza. Can you write a sentence for each picture to describe what we are doing?

Photo 05-11-2014 09 22 42Photo 05-11-2014 09 53 10   Photo 05-11-2014 10 07 08  Photo 05-11-2014 10 13 51 Photo 05-11-2014 10 51 20 Photo 05-11-2014 11 19 01 (1)

You might like to visit the I Can Cook website to find some healthy recipes you can make at home or play the games.

Can you think of any more bossy verbs?