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Orchard Experience

Orchard Experience

This week we have all visited the local orchard.

Early in the week Amanda came to visit us in our classrooms. She talked about the trees we would see in the orchard and how they might change in different seasons.

Year 2 Visit to the Orchard by Slidely Photo Gallery

On our trip day we walked to the orchard with our teachers.  When we got there we hunted for minibeasts, made leaf rubbings and did pond dipping. We had some bug viewers and Julia showed us how to catch minibeasts in a net. We saw lots of different wild plants and flowers growing and talked about different habitats called a meadow and a hedge. We saw tiny baby apples on the fruit trees. They will be ready to pick and eat in the Autumn when you have all moved into Year 3.

Challenge: What can you remember about a meadow habitat?



After the half term holiday we will be visiting Eureka… I can’t wait!

Don’t forget to bring back your money and slips as soon as you can!



You might like to look at the Eureka website before we go to see some of the exciting things we will be doing. We are going to be looking around the whole museum but the All About Me area is most important for our topic.